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   VNPT Hanoi was officially established on 1st January 2008, and has been operating independently since then. However, the VNPT Hanoi’s network infrastructure had been constructed long time ago, more than 50 years.

The first communication network in Hanoi

   In the 1880s, the French colonial had built a telegraph and telephone network for communication in Hanoi. At that time, telegraph network was established among Hanoi, Saigon, Vinh, Hue, Danang. The wired network was used to keep communication between Hanoi – Sai Gon and Hanoi – Hai phong. These networks were aimed to serve for the French colonial’s pacification strategies and suppressing Vietnamese people, so all of the networks and equipments were located in the important military areas, including police stations, police inspector stations, and the French governmental agencies in Vietnam. For seventy years, (1884 – 1954), the communication network in Hanoi consisted of only one manual service exchange (total capacity of 1500 numbers and nearly 600 subscribers); an underground network with 1200 cable pairs; some telegraph machines, few shortwave radio transceivers with small capacity, very backward in comparison with others in the world.

Telecommunication network in Hanoi after the foundation of Hanoi Posts and Telecommunications

   On the 10th of October 1954, Hanoi capital was liberated. The revolutionaries who dealt with telecommunication took over the whole telecommunication network from the French colonial and the 10th of October 1954 was considered the foundation day of Hanoi Posts and Telecommunications (HN P&T). HN P&T had to cope with lots of challenges both in infrastructure and human resource, and step by step overcome the war’s consequences, recovered the economy. HN P&T became telecommunication centre of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, served the communities and socialist construction in the Northern area, assisted the frontline in the South and supported Laos, and resisted the US’ war.

   In the early 1970s, Hanoi was bombed fiercely, the telecommunication network was sabotaged severely. However, telecommunication network still remained thoroughly, played an important role in the victories of our national liberation.

   After the liberation and the national unity (30/4/1975), economy development became the major mission and that meant there was a requirement to upgrade the Post and Telecommunication, especially the telephone network. Meanwhile, the network in Hanoi at that time was mainly built since the French domination, over years downgraded badly. HN P&T had to cope with uncountable amount of difficulties and challenges then.

   Since 1975 to 1990, HN P&T recovered the war’s consequences as well as built the network step by step. Thanks to the transformation of management mechanisms, the innovation of the Communist Party pursuant to the resolution of the sixth National Party Congress (12/1986), lots of tests and experiments and its endeavour to approach the new technology, HN P&T had overcome the stagnation and crisis of the subsidized period. The inauguration of electronic telephone exchange E10B phase 1 with total capacity of 15.000 telephone numbers in Hanoi on the 15th November 1990 was a very significant turn-point, not only by its high capacity but also by its modernity, improving the whole basic telecommunication network and automating completely the domestic and international communication.

   Together with the bringing of the Telex Alpha to the network, Earth station satellite Intelsat, Electronic Exchange E10B and telecommunication microwave network, Hanoi implemented the VNPT’s strategy of automation, digitalization of the whole telecommunication network to improve the quality of communication and meet the requirement of domestic and international communication.

Hanoi telecommunication network since 1990 up to now

   Since 1990, the latest breakthrough in Post and Telecommunication Industry has changed the whole Telecommunication network in Vietnam. In Hanoi, many modern telecommunication equipments, many new services have been introduced. Experienced through the two accelerated phases, the former one was from 1990 – 1995, and the later from 1996 – 2000, the HN P&T staff had timely dealt with the modern telecommunication equipments, maintained the thorough network for both serving the communities and doing business. In 1993, HN P&T was the first to have the pilot try of GSM mobile network in Vietnam, (Mobifone), and Vinaphone in 1996. In December 1997 Internet service was launched.

   After the accelerated phases, the telecommunication networks in Hanoi kept constant growth in number of subscribers and yield of the calls. If in 1990, Hanoi developed only 1200 subscribers then at the end of 1999, it was 56.700 subscribers, 47 times higher compared with the first year of accelerated phases. That’s why HN P&T’s revenue raised dramatically: 25 billions VND in 1990 up to 1510 billions VND in 1999, 60 times higher compared with the first year of the accelerated phases.

   In 2006, the Prime Minister signed the decision to found Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group and approved its regulations, organization and fields of activity. Then the Prime Minister also signed decision on the business of VNPT’s local telecommunication network within Hanoi area.

   End of 2007, despite the competitive pressure from other telecommunication enterprises in the area, the telecommunication network in Hanoi was comprised of nearly 1 million fixed telephone subscribers, more than 100.000 MegaVNN and MeagaWan subscribers, hundreds of thousands of Cityphone subscribers, data transmission network… The revenue of Hanoi P&T was composed mainly of revenue from Telecommunication: 2465 billion VND/ total revenue of 2662 billion VND. The fast-growing technology development, the integration trend of telecommunication – information – communication and globalization services are opportunities and at the same time the challenges for VNPT as well as HN P&T. The mission to develop a stable and modernized telecommunication network that can be able to compete with others in the international integration period require renewal in both organization and business operation of VNPT group as well as its subsidiaries.

The foundation of VNPT Hanoi:

   On 6th of December 2007, the Management Board of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications group signed the decision No. 625/QĐ-TCCB/HĐQT to approve the foundation of VNPT Hanoi.

   Pursuant to the decision, VNPT Hanoi is a subsiadiary with accounting system dependending on Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). With four thousand and five hundred experienced and well-trained employees, advanced telecommunications infrastructure system, including a state-of-the-art system of digital exchanges and a high speed transmission network (up to n.10Gb/s), covering all urban and suburban districts over 3.300 km2, as well as rich experiences in supplying services, VNPT Hanoi is proud to be the No.1 provider of telecommunications - IT services in the Capital and hournored to be the official telecommunications provider for the Leaders of the People’s Committee, the local sectors, agencies, Party and State agencies located in Hanoi.

   VNPT Hanoi offers a number of comprehensive services with best quality in the shortest time for diversified clients such as voice, data transmission, high speed internet access, value added services on NGN platform, IP-MAN, G-PON, MetroNET, IP-PBX; consulting services over IP Call Centre…

   Being aware of two main functions, doing business and carrying out public obligation in Telecommunication - IT field in the capital area, VNPT Hanoi always focuses on expanding the capacity and improving the quality of the network, diversifying different types of services, as well as co-operates with local and foreign partners for mutual developments in every aspects; applies effectively Information Technology in business process management.

   These are concrete tasks to perform VNPT’s mission “to bring the good values to the lives of Vietnamese customers and Vietnamese people”, all are “for people, towards people, and among people”.


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