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Update time: 10/7/2015
  Great promotion with MEG – VinaPhone  


  Eligible customers: corporate customers
- Free registration fee for new main MEG worth vnd 299.000
- Free subscription fee for main and extension MEG in the month of registration.
- Free for package 3000 in the month of registration.(equal to 3000 minutes calling to VinaPhone/ Gphone/ VNPT fixed telephone)

MEG is VinaPhone's latest mobile enterprise gateway which is introduced for corporate customers. MEG not only maintains functions of traditional gateway but also has a lot of other prominent functions. This is really an optimal communication solution for enterprises because it meets requirements on instantaneousness, which does not depend on time and space, and suitable for“Mobile office”.
 Accordingly, in order to establish a mobile gateway, enterprises just need to register VinaPhone MEG service, select VinaPhone mobile number as the main MEG, and use a phone number of staff (of VinaPhone or other networks) to register extension number. Service registration fee is 299,000 Vnd. Subscription fee for main MEG and extension MEG is 299,000 Vnd/month and 15,000 Vnd/month, respectively.
 Registering MEG, users in the same enterprise can communicate with each other more simply and more quickly than through short dial code of the service and extension numbers assigned for each staff. MEG has different intra/external network packages for customer's choice. The main MEG number can send free SMS to extension MEGs which are VinaPhone subscribers.
 MEG service of VinaPhone will help enterprises create a more powerful gateway in compared with traditional gateway system without spending more for investment and management cost. In addition to economic benefit, MEG also has prominent advantages in compared with fixed gateway numbers as it does not require complicated maintenance, easy to supplement or reduce extension numbers. MEG system always operates stably without blockage because it is using mobile infrastructure of VinaPhone.

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