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   VinaPhone always try our best for applying modern technology effectively to expand our mobile network serving customers at anywhere and to make a great contribution to the socio-economic developments of Vietnam




   Nowadays, services of mobile information are expanding significantly and becoming one of an important factor for Vietnamese citizens in their life. VinaPhone always plays a role as the leading mobile network in Vietnam and stays close anywhere with our clients.


Core value


   Acting as a member of Vietnam Postal & Telecom Corporation (VNPT), we are so proud of inheritance and development the core value of business philosophy from VNPT:

   Human value: Messages that VinaPhone want to deliver are bringing the best service to our client, upgrading material and spiritual life of our employees, making interest to our partners, making contribution to create benefits for the whole community. “All is because of human, toward the human and among human being”.

   Communicate value: Based on modern application of advance telecom technology, VinaPhone is now available everywhere, touching people in every mood for bringing them close together by sharing experience, Emotion - Success -Knowledge.

   Spiritual Vietnamese value: VinaPhone is the pioneer in expanding mobile information in remote regions in our country. We are doing business to provide with good services in order to foster the local socio-economic developments.


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Add: 75 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Giấy phép của Sở TT & TT HN số 1839/GP-TTĐT cấp ngày 25/ 05/ 2016.
(84-4) 3668 6868, Fax: (84-4) 3668 6888.