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   MEGAVNN is a broadband Internet access service via VNPT’s VNN network. With MEGAVNN, users can access high speed Internet service based on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). Download speed can be up to 8 Mbps.

      In the simplest way, ADSL is advanced replacement of Modem or ISDN for faster high speed Internet access.
  MegaVNN is especially suitable for:

Small and Medium Enterprises.
Internet cafe.
Internet Games online.

  ADSL service is an advanced Internet access:

Always on: data transmission independent from telephone / fax transmission, Internet line always available.
Ease of use, no dialing, no log in/ log out, no local telephone fee.
Advanced speed: Download speed of 8Mbps, upload speed of 640Kbps; comfortable for customer using Internet regularly.
High speed Internet applications, such as: Tele training, Video on demand, Game online, Music on demand, Video conference, etc…
Avoiding hidden cost of being connected but not used.
No busy signal, no waiting time.
Receiving and calling while accessing Internet.
Low cost, pay per use.
Email address available.


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