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 If you meet difficulties in:

  Setting up, operation of some certain features on your PC (relating to applications, managing PC hardware, LAN…)
  Installation, use, operation of common software, website browsers, office software and applications, anti virus software, MS Office, Photoshop, FireFox, Google Chrome…
  PC installation, faults shooting (cannot access to certain websites, reinstall printer, driver… but not related to device insurance).
  Our new service, PC remote support will help you.
User guide:
  When you are in need, please, follow these steps:
  Download PC remote support software here and install in your PC.
Call to 1086 by the registered telephone numbers.
Or use registered IM ID to contact to online supporters.
Sign up:
  Via VNPT Hanoi website: Log in your own account in VNPT Hanoi Portal and follow the instructions.
Sign up directly at VNPT Hanoi transaction locators.

Each private customer can register up to maximum 02 telephone numbers and 01 IM ID
Each business customer can register up to 10 telephone numbers and 03 IM ID

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